Journey to the Birthplace of the Gods

A Treacherous Road

Are those pterodactyls??

Upon arriving at the inn the party booked rooms and stayed the night. The next morning Amathy took Arthus down the the river to procure a bath (little ones can get so smelly). While bathing they came upon a man who was also making use of the river. Amathy learned his name was Wulfsted and he was also traveling south with his small band of adventures. Soon after meeting the rest of the party, they all decided to travel together toward Fort Rotterhelm, The route they took went through large fields of tall grass. The parties were getting to know one another along the way. They learned from his companions that Wulfsted was on a quest, to find the birthplace of the Gods and they were accompanying him on his mission. They had explored ruins in the area, and felt they were on the right track. The adventurers were suddenly attacked by large insect like creatures bursting forth from the ground. The fight was fierce and many of the companions were wounded defeating the monsters later identified by Wulfsted as Ankhegs. The fight was ended by Arthus jumping from the wagon onto an Ankheg and frantically stabbing it repeatedly with his dagger until it was dead. Strange sight greeted the travelers along the rest of the route. They saw a stampede of very large heavy armored lizards being chased by barbaric halflings and flying lizards being ridden by smaller yet similar lizard-man like creatures were the most noteworthy encounters. Bruised, battered and beaten the adventurers finally arrived at the Mouth of the Blossom Inn.



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