Journey to the Birthplace of the Gods

Delivery to Fort Rotterhelm

Need any wood stacked?

The group continued on to Havenwood. Passing a small funeral procession headed to a small graveyard as they came into town. Upon arriving they sought out a person who could direct them to the uncle of Arthus’. They found it surprising that the primary fortification of the town were made solely of wood with very little stone to be found. Salis seemed very excited over the prospect of finding gainful employment helping to stack the wood being used in construction. Inquiring with a soldier, the party was directed to Johann, the proprietor of Maclinberg shipping, whom they were told would be able to help them with Arthus. Meeting with Johann the party learned that Brelen Lindon, the uncle of Arthus, was currently located to the south at Fort Rotterhelm. Coincidentally, Johann had a shipment he needed to be delivered to the fort. He hired the party to take the shipment, on a cart, and after equipping them sent them on their way. The first town they were to encounter was Twin peaks. The journey was slow going with the cart only holding a driver and Arthus, with the rest of the party on foot. When arriving near Twin Peaks the group noted small creatures up ahead behind rocks. Allara and Amathy recognized them as Kobolds planning an ambush. The two ladies had to sneak around them to spoil their ambush. The party dispatched most of the Kobolds quickly, and then as the final kobold was fleeing he was slain by an unfamiliar black arrow. As they looked up the mountain they saw an arachnae slipping away from the mountain top. They were left to ponder this as the party continued on without event to the inn at Twin Peaks.



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