Journey to the Birthplace of the Gods

Wet, Disoriented and Lost

Didn't we pay for the whole trip?

After two months at sea the Sea Wench, delivering supplies and new colonists to Havenwood was in it’s last hours of travel when a storm came up. The Captain cut the sails and moored but the storm was too strong cracking he ship and sending it to the depths. Sometime later Linquist and Amethy awoken on the shore.

One of their first finds was a child screaming in fear in a the swamp nearby the beach. The went to rescue of the child learning he was none other than Arthus Lindon, nephew of Brelen Lindon of the Lindon Merchant and Shipping company. One of the larger of the shipping companies serving Havenwood.

Shortly after his rescue they continued on to find two more survivors Alara, and Salis. joining company, they set off on the journey to Havenwood on foot, with Arthus Lindon in tow.

Upon the journey Allara and Amethy discover an unexpected follower. A Tengu it called itself, his name was Osk’Gon. Osk’gon told the adventurers of an on going battle between the Tengu and Arachnae and that the arachnae are not to be trusted. He lead them through the forest to the edge of Havenwood. At their parting , gifts of a wood carving and a mug from the Sea Witch were exchanged for his assistance. He imparted a black dagger to young Arthus foretelling of his ascension to becoming a great warrior.


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Wet, Disoriented and Lost

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