Player: Will Race: Human
Class: Cleric Level: 1
Alignment: NG Diety: Broeing

Base Hitpoints: 8

Str 6
Dex 9
Con 11
Int 9
Wis 18
Cha 12

Selective Channeling
Throw Anything

Special Abilities:
Travel Domain
Healing Domain
Channel Energy


Linquist was born the third son of a poor noble family. With no sign of wealth or power in sight. He turn to the Church. The church would gave him a roof, food and one day he hopes the right to keep the church’s books. One day the Church called for Volunteers to go to the New World to bring the Word to this new land and to help those who have travelled there. Linquist suprised the Leaders by being to first to volunteer, because he never volunteer for anything that would be physical or dirty. Linquist knows if he is first to start a new church, that he will control the money that the church gets.


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