Player: Drew Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer Level: 2
Alignment: CN Diety:

Base Hitpoints: 16

Str 11
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 5
Wis 11
Cha 16

Improved Initiative
Lightning Reflexes

Special Abilities:
Red Dragon Bloodline

Salis was born the bastard child of a woodcutter’s daughter and a strange adventurer, who had captured her heart, loved her and left her. The infant had yellow-red reptillian eyes,and the woodcutter wanted badly to put the “devil-child” to death, claiming his daughter had been seduced by a fiend. His mother lived long enough to nurse him once and convince her father that he would face the wrath of the fiend that was her baby’s father should he dispose of the child. The woodcutter soon buried his daughter and decided that not killing the “devil-child” did not mean caring for it or recognizing it as human. He treated Salis as a slave, no better than livestock and did as little as possible in ensuring his survival. Salis had a terrible childhood suffering constant abuse from his cruel grandfather as well as experiencing a life altering accident. In one of the first displays of his magical abilities, Salis spooked the woodcutter’s mule and got kicked in the head, making the already poorly educated boy even more slow and dim witted than before. Forced to hide his eyes behind a gauze wrap and the lie of light sensitivity, Salis only had contact with others when traders came to his grandfather’s remote cabin or he himself was drug to town on errands to act as a porter. It was in his late teens, when on a trip to town, that he overheard talk of a ship going to a colony in the new land. This was his opportunity to escape from his tortured life and seek his fortune elswhere, away from his grandfather. Upon arriving back at the cabin, after the old man had fallen asleep, Salis stole 40 pieces of gold and snuck off to buy passage on the ship.


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