Deathbell Weed

Deathbell Weed is a local plant harnessed for it's medicinal and recreational traits.


Deathbell Weed

Deathbell Weed is a highly sought after plant in Denland. It is held in high regards for healing powers as well as it’s effect on Arcane casters. It has three forms after processing. The first is when the plant is boiled into an elixer. This form is favored by all types of arcane caster, granting them greater powers.

The second form applies itself to recreational use amongst the courts. The plant is dried then simply put into pipes and smoked.

The final form of deathbell weed lends itself to medicinal care, though at a much higher chance of addiction. Patients can easily succomb to the mind numbing effects of deathbell weed and continue needing more. this form takes on the appearnace of a grayish white powder created from the dried sap extracted from the leaves.

  1. Liquid Dosing
    Type ingested; Addiction moderate, Fortitude DC 16
    Price 20 gp
    Effect 1 hour; +1 arcane caster level
    Effect 1d4 hours; user must make a caster check to cast spells, DC 15 + spell level
    Damage 1d2 Con damage
  1. Inhaling
    Type inhaled; Addiction minor, Fortitude DC 12
    Price 10 gp
    Effects 1 hour; +2 alchemical bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects, fatigue
    Damage 1 Wis damage
  1. Powdered Sap
    Type inhaled, ingested, or injury; Addiction major, Fortitude DC 20
    Price 25 gp
    Effects 1 hour; +1d8 temporary hit points, +2 alchemical bonus on Fortitude saves, fatigue
    Damage 1d4 Con and 1d4 Wis damage
  • See Notes to players under Addiction and Curing Addictions for additional information.

Deathbell Weed

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