Havenwood was the first Denlandian settlement on Lithia. It was settled 10 years ago under the leadership of Admiral Demarcus Rotterhelm. It’s founding was the first lawful claim to the new world and became grounds for the establishment of the Bingham Duchy.

Havenwood has grown tenfold since it’s founding. Now home to nearly a thousand settlers, a small contigent of the king’s men, and various artisans, making Havenwood a thriving settlement. Sitting on the New Denland Bay, it’s bordered on it’s east side by Havenwood Forest, and to the south lies the Denethor Spine. Havenwood’s first encounter with locals was the spider-like race Arachnae. Soon after settling the curious arachnae couldn’t help themselves but to investigate this alien settlement. The Arachnae prvoed most helpful, though Admiral Rotterhelm himself couldn’t stomach dealing with the humanoids so he turned negotiations over to Viscount Trenton Westmore.

The arachnae have since left a diplomat of sorts, Shendor “WebWeaver”, with Havenwood and over the years an easy peace has been settled between the arachnae and the settlers. Both claiming that the alien life is unusual and not to be fully trusted.

It was the arachnae that taught the settlers a lot about local plants and animals. The warned then not to pass south of Denethor’s Spine for fear of the reptilians. They introduced the settlers to various properties of the deathbell weed. They have assisted the settlers in many ways.

Hevenwood is home to as much Denlandian culture as they could pack into it since settling. They have an open air market, Rotterhelm Hall has been built and is used as teh seat of the Bingham Duchy. They have shipping docks, though the bay’s breakwaters are little more than sunken derelict ships, one of which shifted out of place as it was sinking. Locals can still enjoy Denethor culture at Havenwood’s ampitheatre, though the great orators and bards have not exactly been pouring in from the mainland to perform.


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