Nightbringer, The Ever-Prisoner, The Thief and The Shadow (When referred to with his twin as the The Thief)

Lawful Evil

Chain and Shackles

God of Pain, Darkness, Loss

Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Law

Favored Weapon

Follower’s Demeanors
Followers of Corsus normally do so in cults and in secret. Cults have been known to pop-up in the civilised areas, usually lead by High Painmaster and it’s not unusual to find a few followers of Cynthian mixed in. While both The Thief and The Shadow are equally feared it exponentially worse to see them cooperating. These cults usually live through their own moral code, and law, where kidnapping is justified, and the victem tortured in the name of The Ever-Prisoner.

At various times in history these cults have managed to gain power in local governments and ruled the civilians through fear, until they are rebeled against or swept away through an outside force. These are usually referenced as dark and immoral times in local history.


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