The Seductress, The Black Lady, The Thief and The Shadow (When referred to with her twin as the The Shadow)

Neutral Evil

Blood Soaked Dagger

Goddess of Greed, Secrets, Murder

Charm, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery,

Favored Weapon

Follower’s Demeanors
Followers of The Black Lady tend to be introverts. Small bands have been known to form cults, but many followers tend to latch on to the Cults of Corsus in order to pick up any loose gold that may have fallen from their victems pockets. Liars, thieves and serial killers make up most of those that follow the Cynthian, for through her they find an easy way for personal gain.

While both the Thief and The Shadow are equally feared, it exponentially worse to see them cooperating in the name of evil.


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