The Shield Bearer, The Great Protector, The Eternal Warmaster

Neutral Good


God of Protection, Stratgy, War

Good, Protection, War, Liberation, Strength

Favored Weapon
Battle Axe

Follower’s Demeanors
Followers of Mishtai’El tend to be the most fickle of the good gods. In times of peace Mishtai’El is often less revered than the other two, but when a threat appears the long dusty statues, and symbols of Mishtai’El are brought out in an overpowering display.

For the hardened believers in Mishta’El, they appreciate the masses fickle masses need to beleive in their protector only when needed. Long term followers have usually lead harsh lives, and are familiar with constant day to day struggles for life. They are more often found in fontier communities, poorer communities, but also in the higher ranks of the military. Friars and Palidins of Mishtai’El are more often the ones looked toward when a quest is needed.


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