In the first days, Brognin created the world. She took dirt from her hands, fire from her heart, wind from her breath and wwter from her veins and molded them into the world. The world was beautiful but lifeless, so she took and formed the four elements again into a campanion Urgle, and breathed into him life.

Together the the two wandered the world, until again Brognin felt lonely. In her image she created five more sons and daughters, Caide, Broeing, Mishtai’el, and the twins Corsus and Cynthian.

Urgle grew jealous of the five that were made in her image and ran off to the mountains. Brognin tasked Corsus and Cynthian to bring Urgle home from his self inflicted exile. When they found Urgle he was suffering from fears and nightamres. The fears and nightmares contorted his whole being into wretch of a beast and a only a shadow of the great travelling campanion he once was. As the twins tried to intercede they too were caught within the grasp of madness and transformed to shadows of their former selves. Together the three brought evil and madness into the beutiful places of Brognin’s once happy world. They created the creatures of evil bent on destroying what their mother and creator had once found enchanting.

Brognin upon hearing the news of the betrayels, was lost. She could not as a creator destroy something she had created from the goodness of her own being, and thus summoned her three remaining children to quest on her behalf. Broeing, Caide, and Mishtai’el were summoned to keep the denizens of evil in check. to protect what there mother had created. To champion goodness and kindness and law, to counter Urgle, Corsus, Cynthian. They were permitted to create followers of their own to hold back the forces of evil from destroying the paradise of Brognin’s creation.

From then on Wars were have been waged for hundreds of years in teh names of the 7. beings have been corrupted into betrayles by the dark gods, entranced by their madness, and then put to the sword by justicars of good. All the while, Brognin watches.


Dieties of Good

Dieties of Darkness


Journey to the Birthplace of the Gods Tarridea