Settlements of the Bingham Duchy

Since it’s founding nearly 15 years ago, the island, Lithia, has drawn many questions about what lies there. Denland was the first to colonize the island, claiming land in the name of the financier that funded the first expedition, Lord Borus Bingham of Westerhelm. King Denethor allowed the claim to be made in Denland’s name and established the Duchy of Bingham to include all the land along the New Denland Bay south to Lake Aristracia. The western border was established as the natural tree lines running north to south at the base of Denethor’s spine, and the eastern border stopping at the base of what has now become known ad Hobgoblin Hills.

The first colonists arrived nearly 10 years ago, and built Havenwood on the New Denland Bay under the leadership of Admiral Demarcus Rotterhelm. He rewarded with this new Duchy for his service to the King in the 6 Years War. Travel between Denland and Lithia takes nearly 2 months by sea so supplies are rare, and are only delivered with new colonists. Some regular merchant shipping has been establisehed now in the last few years, and colonists are usually those looking to escape a lower lot in life in Denland.

The Duchy of Bingham has not yet caught the full attention of the king. Of the few things it exports back to Denland – Deathbell Weed, and exotic new monsters – the king has little interest in keeping up with the Duchy’s progress. The new colony, in the king’s eye, has yet to pay for itself.

That was until a four years ago, when colonists noticed an increase in the king’s troops passing through Havenwood to travel south to Lake Aristacia. Anyone that asked was told it was because the king wanted to establish a stronger southern border, and so he built Fort Rotterhelm next to Lake Aristacia. Colonists for the most part attributed this to his typical blundering they had been trying to escape, and so went about their new daily lives, and asked fewer questions.

Since the building of Fort Rotterhelm so far from Havenwood and right on the southern border of the Duchy, it became necessary for a pair of inns to be built in order to lessen the rigors of travel. The first Twin Peaks Inn was esablished within an easily defendable rock quarry in the Twin Peaks Pass. The second, The Mouth of the Blossum Inn was built on Lake Aristacia where it could thrive from fishing, as well as house weary travellers.

Settlements of the Bingham Duchy

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