The Beast, The Devourer

Chaotic Evil

Skull with Fangs

Beast of Chaos, Monsters, Nightmares

Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, War

Favored Weapon
Punching Dagger

Follower’s Demeanors
Followers of Urgle are an unusual group. They are typically hermitlike, living alone, avoiding civilization, and are almost always hostile toward anything they come in contact with. they seem to prefer to fight as bestial as possible and it is not uncommon for those engaged in combat with a follower of Urgle to be bitten and clawed as well as stabbed with punching daggers. It has been claimed that followers of Urgle practice cannabalism.

Very little is known about whether they practice any civilized worship at all. They are merely known for their ferocity in combat, and their madness.


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